Christian and Taiwanese Folk Songs

We presented the list of music pieces in our repertoire for our own and the readers references. Each music piece has the “name” and “composer”, “public domain music scores” and an example “video clip”. Those pieces without scores showing indicates that we bought the scores which are not in public domain.

Sun Ahn
Amazing Grace with Bach


蕭泰然 (Tyzen Hsiao)–arranged
望春風 (Desiring Spring Breeze).

恒春小調 (青蚵嫂).

Lai Sheung Ping
The Watermill Maiden 水車姑娘, 春花夢露.

Lai Sheung Ping
Moonlight Sorrow 月夜愁

Lai Sheung Ping
Reflection 思想起 

Lai Sheung Ping
Under the Dark Sky 天黑黑