In the past, Whispering Pines Chamber Ensemble presented Annual Recitals for many years and it was halted since 2012.

Dr. Peter Chang restarted the tradition of Annual Recital this year. You are cordially invited to join the celebration.

  • Time/Date: 2 pm, Saturday, October 26, 2019
  • Place: Costa Mesa SDA church (271 Avocado Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627)

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Church worship team invited me to play violin accompaniment in last Sunday’s worship. Three songs are from “Spring of Praise” with strings accompaniment. In the future, I hope we can add cello and woodwind. Also, encourage the youth or children musicians to join.

Note: I need to use violin microphones in the future.

A special church music performed for the 2016 Father’s Day. The ensemble included a string quartet, flute, clarinet and piano.

I was invited to accompany two songs presented by “Kindered Spirit Choir” with Gloria Liu Traulle (cello) and Cara Kuo (piano) on 7/28/2018 at Geneva Presbyterian Church, Laguna Woods, CA. (by Admin 10/22/2019)

Since 2013, Whispering Pines Chamber Ensemble has performed at Orange County TECO  (橙縣華僑文教服務中心) for the  Annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week (橙縣台灣傳統週系列活動 音樂台灣 : 古典與新潮)

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