Violin Duet

Covid-19 quarantine and international travels during the past 2 years curtailed the activities of our Ensemble severely. Nevertheless, we tried our best to get together for practicing, as either trios or duos, in home or remotely by Jamulus Jams.

Peter and I lives close by and it is convenient for us to play violin duets. We started just before the summer vacation. After practicing, some songs by sight reading; then we played along with CDs. These disks are "Music Minus One" CDs that come with orchestra accompaniment.  Below are the list of music pieces we practiced:

5 Pieces for 2 Violins and Piano Sheet music for Piano, Violin (Mixed Trio) |

J.S. Bach – “Double” Concerto in D Minor, BWV1043: Music Minus One Violin Paperback – July 1, 2006

J. Haydn, Op.99, No.1
J. Haydn, Op.99, No.2


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